Noahs Ark

He does his Nazi thing in every thread. He is obsessed with Jews.

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What a maroon

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For how big of a deal Chris and Kirik made about “racism” here, they seem to be perfectly fine with this brand of it. Never once have I seen them do anything about it. It’s not like he’s being subtle about it.

As far as remedial science goes, ice coring solves all of the issues you have of what the Earth was like a long time ago. The guy who invented coring figured out the gasoline companies were dumping s*** tons of lead into the atmosphere so they ran him off and tried to silence him. Anyway, either the decay rate of nuclear material has changed significantly in the last few years or the Earth is more than a couple of hundred years old

Not all of the flood stories timelines add up to the same era. Some are much earlier. Some are later. China’s flood was only 4000 years ago.

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I don’t hate anybody but crimes and libel have to be adressed. Noah’s Ark is a powerful myth just like the holocaust.

StFU about the Holocaust, make a new thread

I think the flood story really just points out that all cultures think people are inherently corrupt and need to be wiped off the face of the Earth by the gods or whatever powers are in charge. It’s more a statement of how we know where pieces of crap than anything else, and the moral of the story is that if things get bad enough then the gods will smite us.

Dude I lost great aunts and uncles in the holocaust; I had a first hand account from my grandfather who was born in 1925 (he passed away about 10 years ago); so fuck off.

Start another threat about the Holocaust, you fuckheads

To be fair, I dont think questioning history is racism exactly. Bad taste, sure, but lets not throw around flippant insults that sound like the MWC

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Read what he is saying; he is basically spewing nonsense how jews are trying to undermine western civilization by corrupting youth with porn and other nonsense

soo…if jews are producing practically 100% of porn (and they do) while soft banning it in israel (you have to specifically include porn in your internet subscription), how would you call this weird cohencidence?
Both facts are easy to research.

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Could MODs please ban this fuxktard???

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I think it’s entirely more likely as the ice age receded and and culture and oral tradition amped up, flash flooding was something those people were dealing with on a consistent basis through those millennia. It would make sense it’d make up major part of most origin stories of that was the case.


Yeah, I imagine the LGM had something to do with flood tales from different cultures. It was a worldwide event that affected a high % of the population at that time.

Oy vey! Why can’t we keep on hating muslims or leftists/rightwingers? Why doesn’t he know that jews are off limits?!
Or how about you don’t talk shit you can’t back up? Like @zekolas who thinks you can simply in-before me - “so jews are the no.1 porn producers lol?”.

Well, actually, yes, definitely.
Look at me commiting thoughtcrime for stating facts.

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lol YOU calling for someone to get banned? Now THAT’S fucking rich
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