Nobody bought tickets to watch Aldo fight

I want to see Conor fight.

I knew there was a 95 percent chance that Aldo would get injured and I let that be well known.

By the way "hmb" if Aldo doesn't show up, I think you should be man enough to accept the fact that your boy lost and change your name for 6 months.

But if you don't show up and dicktuck like Aldo, I don't blame you for being a coward, you're following a rubric that is in place.

So let's see Conor vs. anyone for an interim belt.

I think I speak for most fans when I say, this was expected.

Aldo broke.


You have to realize that these type of injuries are the brain's subconscious protecting it from a long term damage that is incoming.
See Condit vs. Woodley to watch the body self destruct to protect the brain.

Aldo's body shut down, to save his brain.

Conor has to fight regardless of Aldo, his last fight was in December, if he waits around he will be risking a Brandon Vera situation, where inactivity ruins him.

CRE, the fact that you picked Conor means I have already won.

Conor fan boys are rejoicing, claiming victory; completely blinded by the UFC marketing machine, Dana White, and a SwaggerJacking Leprechaun. When have the Irish ever been anything more than talk when it comes to #1. Conor's "movement" was not going to beat Jose Aldo. You were fooled and foolish to think anything else.

You had all but tucked from the thread calling me out until this happened. LOL. Hiding behind Conor will not save you or him. Aldo is going to Cub Swanson this Josh Mario John imitator in bolivian.

They did/were gonna buy to watch Conor fight

Conor fighting Aldo Phone Post 3.0

Nobody bought a ticket to see Aldo fight?
I find that hard to believe.
Dana wouldn't comp his team. He even said so.

"...There will be no tweeting tickets for McGregor vs. Aldo; there are no tickets. That thing is sold out. Lorenzo and I usually hold tickets back for people and comps and things like that – we sold all our comps. There's nothing." Phone Post 3.0

Yeah they should just strip Aldo and get anybody else in for a vacant title fight. It'd still do the same numbers.

All that matters is that Conor fights for the gold. Phone Post 3.0