Nobuhiko Takada: HERO.

Here's a little inspirational highlight reel I made of PRIDE legend Takada

Takada's rhythm
Takada's opponents
Generalissimo Takada
Takada's lethal kickboxing
Takada's incredible comeback from almost getting armbarred by Rickson
Takada's ingenious strategy
Takada's awesome promo-cutting ability
Takada's unavoidable takedowns
Robot Takada
Takada's brutal ground and pound
Takada's jaw-dropping speed
Takada shoots a woman
Matsui and Sakuraba cameo
Takada's scintillating aggression



Some people have been coming with some seriously funny video stuff lately.

Great job.



dana should have required crocop to throw a fight against him before getting signed also

I have lost many a good nights sleep debating whether his fight with Royce Gracie in the 2000 GP or his fight with Mike Bernardo in the single worst fight in the history of contact sports.

The world may never know.

 Everyone knows Takada vs. Bernardo was the worst fight ever.  They barely make contact.

I think I will make a buttscooting HL next. I hope that hasn't been done before...

At least with Bernardo there was the possibility that something would happen, in the Gracie fight is became obvious from the beginning that Takada had strong feelings for Royce, but he couldn't even lift his head and look him in the eyes because he was still wrestling with the emotions.

I haven't actually seen the Royce fight. I was thinking of tracking it down to include it in the HL, but I had enough material from Rickson, Vovchanchyn, Cro Cop, Coleman, HUSTLE, etc. so I decided to skimp on it.

I've heard that it was epic, though. And from the sounds of the emotional intensity, possibly even more epic than I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. I have to watch this legendary fight.

It included Takada holding Royce's lapels and burying his head in his chest for the entire match.

Also Royce grabbing his own foot with his hand to enhance his earth shattering kidney strikes.

You're better off not watching it, just a few minutes of your life that you can't get back.