nod32 anti virus software

my friend suggested i download and run nod32 for antivirus stuff. he says it catched alot my norton doesnt... when i went to install nod it says to make sure that no other antivirus programs are installed... can i still run this with norton installed or is it going to give me problems.

Every time I've installed an antivirus program it has told me that having the other antivirus application may cause problems. I've never had a problem installing two though. If it was my computer I'd go a head and install the new one I wanted to try, if I was really worried about it I'd temporarily turn off my currnet anti virus software. However, that's what *I* would do, Norton is notorious in my book for pulling out weird problems so you might want to think twice about it or wait for more oppinions. If it was my computer I'd do it, but I'm pretty confident in my ability to fix any problems that then occured