Nog/Fedor Fight Plan this time?


Any thoughts on how both parties will engage each other this go around? After 2 fights already they have by now a better feel for what both can do and will do, can either or both fighters create some surprises for
the other this time?

Fedor: Prolly gonna stay his usual aggressive self with his striking standing as well as on the ground, seems to be that coupled with his conditioning that has kept Nog wearing down and uneffective with his ground game. He does a great job creating the space needed to bombard Nog with strikes which seems to tire Nog out. Maybe he'll bring in some kicks or slams that might be bit different or work the clinch more. Even some leg kicks while nog is down or knees?

Nog: As his ground game is very good and technical from what i've seen he hasn't been able to do a whole lot with Fedor and while he's great with subs, he opens himself up to Fedors GnP who does it relentlessly. In order for Nog to really do what he wants to do and submit Fedor, he's gonna have two things. 1) Not allow Fedor the space to Tee off on him with his striking by being inside or Staying outside and counter punching/kicking with ranged strikes. Needs to tire and frustrate Fedor, possibly even work to get up after a take down rather try to play the guard game right off the bat making fedor tire more trying numerous take downs. 2) Needs to keep the space minimal for Fedor to do any dmg, needs to tie him up both standing and on the ground, especially the ground/guard. Work to get top position or to get up completely and while doing so keeping Fedor from creating space to unload. Once Fedor is tired then push his mad sub skills aggressively.

Just my thoughts, lets hear everyone else's.. I know we got a ton of knowledgeable people here. Bring on the insights!!



Aww come on no more peeps wanna try to give some thoughts into this topic?!? Love to hear more food for thought!! Right or wrong doesn't matter just be interesting to hear what folks think.


Ahh well good that Nog has his thinking cap on but playing on top which is great shouldn't be his only consideration he needs to stop Fedor from gaining all the space he uses for his strikes as Fedor does his looping punches while standing to him raising up in the guard and slaming nog on the head like his done before.


Nog said that he wants to be on top this time. However, that is easier said and done as Fedor is an expert grappler barely not making the Olympics for Judo in 2000. Nog saying he wants top position is like if Cro-Cop were to say he wants to get the takedown on Coleman -- Good luck. It's very hard to get top position on someone who is a better grappler. His best chance is from the bottom...

Fedor should really continue to utilize his same fight strategy. He is currently performing very well.

Nog should consider adopting a different strategy. I don't know if his takedowns and clinch work are good enough to dominate these positions. We shall soon see. On the ground, he would obviously be better served being on top. I don't know if he will get the takedown to get the top position.

That leaves sweeps from the bottom. I really feel that he should work hard to sweep. I noticed in their first match up that Fedor had problems with Nog sweeping from the half guard. This may be a good strategy if he can get out of there if his sweep fails.

I believe that Nog should also use a tighter closed guard game. This would prevent the big shots. One factor that I believe he should use would be wearing gi bottoms to help better control Fedor.