Nog is Done

Upon reviewing the fight, Nog looked better than I gave him credit for. I still fear for him against the likes of Carwin or CroCop. But here's to hoping he'll be champ again.

AlbertEinstein - Nog exceeded the expectations of people that thought the Nog that fought Mir was the new Minotauro. I knew that this was not the real Nog and that his injuries played a huge part in that fight. I don't really know why people denied this.

What is because Mir fans want to believe Mir is better than he is for 800, Alex?

And now the Daily Double.

Respect to Nog he looked better. Hope he keeps getting back to form

But if he doesn't, anyone with speed would kill him standing up, same with randy.

They looked slow compared to others.

is this just me???

I have to admit that I somewhat agree with the thread starter. Both guys put on a great show and that is awesome. However, that doesn't shield the fact that both fighters appear to be a shell of their former self. Both Randy and Nog looked very slow and sluggest. Against a modern up and commer, they might run into a lot of problems. I think folks are boosting Nog way over the hill with this performance. He obviously appeared much better last night than he did in his previous UFC fights but is definitely a step behind his Pride days.