Nog is overall more technically skilled

I do believe this. I do think Nog on the ground is better overall. And I do think standing he is better.

But in the end of the night Frank Mir is better at executing these in a real fight situation. And he's proven it both times.

So I'd say Mir is the better fighter at this point.


Plus he is more girthy

I like this post, makes sense but I disagree, but you're stating a true opinion unlike everyone else giving excuses for why Nog lost. If I could Vote you up I would.

I agree, but I must say that Nog has a much better traditional BJJ game, and Mir has a more dynamic attack based system which is more innovative.

Mir will catch you, Nog can get the position and finish you and does so 90% of the time.

I would say how they grapple is just different, but Nog's pure BJJ is superior.

Nog fell victim of strength mir is just bigger and stronger some times you just get beat nog left his hand on the mat mir grabbed the kimora and wouldn't let go and muscled it in . Phone Post

Traditional or not. It did not take Mir long to submit him at all once it hit the ground. To me the better BJJ belonged to Mir! He really worked Nog in the ground. Phone Post