nog is the greatest

so nog will win the grand prix, i dont have any doubt about that now, fedor is good but nog has the heart of a champion and is a true competitor, he'll never be satisfied until he's the champ

plus his entrance theme is the best of the lot, how could he ever be beaten again?? lol

Nogueira has accomplished more than any other MMAist of our generation. But greatest? That depends greatly on the next few fights.

Fedor has beaten many of the same fighters Nog has, and Fedor whipped Nog's ass when they fought.

Best MMArtist=Fedor, not Noguiera.

Aside from Sapp, Fedor has basically beaten everyone Nog has and then some, at this point (including Nog himself, of course).

I'll still be rooting for Nog in the rematch.

I forgot about Crocop. But I think Fedor would beat him easily.


Decision or not, I think you would have to consider Fedor's win over Nogueira a 'whoppin'.

Nog is great but there is no way no chance hes going to beat the robot known as fedor thats it.....

nog vs. fedor in the final would be a dream come true for me, and ultimate redemption for nog

no doubt fedor has beaten some top competition and is for real, hell he put the hurt on nogueira something feirce and impressed me with his defeat of the always dangerous mark coleman, but i think nog is on another level mentally and will prove it in the rematch

He was sweeping Fedor at will

- i dont recall that happening once.

By "sweeping," did you mean Mino reversed Fedor at all from the guard?

I thought Fedor had top position all fight...?

Fedor whooped Nog, you just need to take off your BJJ nutrider goggles and watch it again to see that.

With the bombs he throws, it's a wonder Fedor doesn't get reversed more. I recall two times he was reversed the entire Nog fight and once at the end against Heath. The fight with Heath should have been allowed to continue I say.

Fedor just has better weapons for mma, simply put. subs from the guard is Nog's strong points and Fedor leaves himself wide open, still Nog can't do a thing, while taking some abusive GnP.

Fedor is the best all-around HW at this point, not great at a single thing, but can put everything together. Still would like to see him fight Sapp though.

yeah i think so, heath is a tough guy and can take it

Minotauro the greatest?

i wont agree with it but i wont argue against it either.

sounds good, hope he can do it some more if he has to, personally i think mino will come out swinging and light up fedor standing

"Mino has beat Sapp AND Crocop. That puts him ahead of Fedor."

Fedor beat Mino, which puts him ahead of Mino.

"Besides Fedor won a decision and that's hardly considered whopping Mino's ass."

WTF! Have you seen the fight? Or are you just basing your assumption that it wasn't a one-sided asswhupping on what you read from the Sherdog FightFinder?

Its so hard to not like Mino, and against anyone else i think Mino would win. But fedor is not only the number one Heavy right now he also matches up so well with Mino. Gotto pick Fedor, but i will be rooting for Mino

"Fedor is the best all-around HW at this point, not great at a single thing, but can put everything together. Still would like to see him fight Sapp though"

I would say that Fedor is THE best at pounding the hell out of people from within the guard

I think Nog is the best all-around heavyweight. Despite the sweet armbar Fedor slapped on Coleman, no one would argue that his sub skill is better than Nogs. The only place Fedor outshines Mino is in the ground and pound, which was enough to beat Mino that night.