nog is the greatest

"The only place Fedor outshines Mino is in the ground and pound, which was enough to beat Mino that night."

I would say Fedor's striking and takedowns are a helluva lot better too.

Minotauros record:

Win Hirotaka Yokoi Submission (Front Choke)
Win Mirko Filipovic Submission (Armlock)
Win Ricco Rodriguez Decision (Unanimous)
Loss Fedor Emelianenko Decision (Unanimous)
Win Dan Henderson Submission (Armbar)
Win Semmy Schilt Submission (Triangle Choke)
Win Bob Sapp Submission (Armbar)
Win Sanae Kikuta KO (Punch)
Win Enson Inoue TKO (Triangle Choke)
Win Heath Herring Decision (Unanimous)
Win Mark Coleman Submission (Armbar)
Win Gary Goodridge Submission (Triangle Choke)
Win Valentijn Overeem Submission(Arm Triangle Choke)
Win Hiromitsu Kanehara Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Win Volk Han Decision (Unanimous)
Win Kiyoshi Tamura Submission (Armbar)
Win Achmed Labasanov Submission (Armbar)
Draw Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Draw
Loss Dan Henderson Decision (Split)
Win Andrei Kopylov Decision (Majority)
Win Jeremy Horn Decision (Unanimous)
Win Iouri Kotchkine Technical Submission (Armbar)
Win Valentijn Overeem Technical Submission (Keylock)
Win Nate Schroeder Submission (Armbar)
Win David Dodd N/A

Fedor's record:

Win Mark Coleman Submission
Win Yuji Nagata TKO (Punches)
Win Gary Goodridge TKO (Strikes)
Win Kazuyuki Fujita Submission (Choke)
Win Egidijus Valavicius Submission (Kimura)
Win Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Unanimous)
Win Heath Herring TKO (Cut)
Win Semmy Schilt Decision (Unanimous)
Win Chris Haseman TKO (Lost Points)
Win Lee Hasdell Submission (Guillotine Choke)
Win Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision (Unanimous)
Win Renato Sobral Decision (Unanimous)
Win Kerry Schall Submission (Armbar)
Win Mihail Apostolov Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Loss Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Cut)
Win Ricardo Arona Decision (Unanimous)
Win Hiroya Takada KO (Punches)

"I would say Fedor's striking and takedowns are a helluva lot better too.

I think Mino's standup fighting is just as sharp as Fedors. Fedor may have more power in the looping hooks but Mino is at least as precise.

Takedowns are iffy, IMHO, as Mino is just as happy to take guard as get mount on the initial takedown. I guess I would have give that to Fedor as well.

Mino used to look better boxing, lately he does not appear as confident.

"Mino used to look better boxing, lately he does not appear as confident"

Yelm, i agree. I remember when he fought Herring and he lit Heath up. There were moments when he would throw 10punch combos, that were fast, straight and crisp.

havent seen that agression on his feet in a while.

nog is an mma version of Rocky Marciano. the only thing that will ever beat him is the bell.

I would like to see it go to the ground with a coherent yeah so basically you dont want Fedor to hit back?

i think next time Mino is gonna get him...

I've thought for the last 6 months that Fedor would definitely win, but there's some holes for Nog to exploit.

Fedor WAS swept/reveresed by Nog twice, but he powered out to get back on top again... Like Liddell against Couture, I hope he doesn't ALWAYS rely on that particular tactic to get back on his feet/get back on top.

"Besides Fedor won a decision and that's hardly considered whopping Mino's ass."

hahhahahaahahaaa.. If you think Nog didn't get his ass whooped.. You didn't see that fight.

Mino got rocked in the opening seconds of the Fedor fight. He was playing catch up thereafter. However, he still reversed him. Fedor's base is so-so. Let's not forget that Fedor ended up under Heath Herring's sidemount as the final bell rang. He had dominated Heath all fight, and still allowed that to happen. I thought that was pretty embarrassing.
I would like to see it go to the ground with a coherent Mino.

- translation: no matter how conviningly a 'judo' guy beats a 'bjj' guy, I will still find a way to discredit that win and the 'judo' guy that won.

"but how did mino get rocked? its not like some third person came in the ring and hit him- fedor rocked him."

- oops, someone just flushed Your Bitch's judo hate post down the shitter.

Dude, in MMA, punches while standing and on the ground are legal.

"Fedor's base is so-so. "

- well maybe Mino's guard is so-so too since Fedor did a hell of a lot more to Mino there than vice versa.

But, it guess it dont count because Fedor totally cheaped out and hit Mino while standing.

Don't get so animated Wasa. Like what the fuck do you expect???

there's nothing horifficly wrong with YF's post, except for the usual piece of bjj support... You know like you with your Judo bias????????????????

Fedor WAS swept a couple of times, and if you were to draw ANYTHING from the fight for the ATT camp it was Fedor's base, and unwillingness to pass.


wow wasa-B what did your father do to you for you the hate him so much?

Puls, im just playing, dont worry bout it. One "?" will do instead of "????????????????" if you're concerned about people getting animated.

I honestly cant remember Fedor getting swept but Ive only seen the fight once so...

Im not sure by what you mean by the ATT camp (BTT i guess you meant say?) but it would have been nice to for Fedor to go for the finish but he was doing fine and dandy in the guard so why risk a transitional sweep or sub by Mino when your method aint broke (and not just simply scoring mere 'points' but plainly doing lots of damage?

I dont think thats a judo bias, because I would give the same advice to a wrestler or anyone having that much success with GNP over the best sub fighter in the game who's near KO'ed.

I dont see really see that as judo bias by correcting someone's bjj bias. I dont see much of my other posts like that eithre, to be honest.

When a judo guys loses, I dont try and nit pick the few specs of dusts of imperfection by the victor.

When a bjj guy wins, I dont dont try go to lengths by saying how clueless the opponent or how imperfect the victors fight ending technique was.

Or maybe you're confusing me with someone else. It happens.

more like Fedor's unneccesity to pass.

Well, I alright I got fired up, yeah BTT whatever.

Do watch the fight again. He got swept. A nice leg-grab rollover which is my fave sweep.

I think it's funny that in one of YF's least antagonistic posts, you still get something to get heated up about.

Puls, I'd love to see that fight again since I only saw it once but Im sure YB wouldnt, ha ha.

But Im really just making fun of a little shit for not being able to let go and just say that Fedor won without having to add some imperfection on the part of his worst nightmare's small flaw in the Herring fight.

But then again, didnt Fedor finish Herring where Mino didnt, thats riiight. Now I understand.

Sorry, what should have I expected? You're absolutely right.

LOL. It's not like every bjj guy read's YF's post and says "Yeah, win another point for BJJ".

However, he brings some good analytical points which I enjoy reading. Much as Sothy or sadyv bring some good points of discussion from the Judo side of things.

Fedor has style to beat Nog.

If done correctly, cannot be beaten.