Nog or Werdum?

Who has the better ground game?

Explain.. Phone Post

Werdum is more accomplished if that's what you're asking. I think werdum could do what Mir did, love nogueira but his ground game is not as evolved as werdum's at this point in their respective careers and probably never was Phone Post

Overall I think Werdum's JJ is better but it's hard to say that it more accomplished in MMA??? I don't know about that. I think Nog has way more submission finishes up to this point.

I'll bet anything this fight will not go to the ground....same with Mir and Barnett.

Well.. Werdum did beat Fedor.. which Nogueira couldn't do.

Better MMA fighter though than Nogueira..I don't think so. Better BJJ.. definitely.

Werdums striking has come a long way from when he was obliterated by JDS. He will win this.


and imo he wins this fight too

didn't this fight happened in pride and Nog won?

anyway werdum has better bjj and is not as past prime as Nog, so he should win tomorrow