Nog vs Brock-Dana make it happen!

This would be an awsome fight, very marketable IMO. You got Nog who has slews of die hard MMA fans who know this dudes history and what he is capable of. Then you have Brock who will bring in all the WWE trailer park hicks. If the UFC markets this fight right it will be huge. Oh yeah, Nog by omoplata 3:02 rd 1.


Emo-why not bro? that fight would be off the hook!

yeah, they pay a shitload of money for the guy, may as well kill all his momentum and marketing potential by giving him the absolute worst possible matchup right away...

Dana wants to create marketable stars.

Also, would the athletic commission even let this fight occur? Brock's only had one MMA fight.

great fight

I'll admit that I envisioned a very Nog-Sappish match up when they announced Lesnar.  Definitely not right away, but in the future when both guys are built up that is a great fight.


Yes it is a potentially great fight, I'll concede that i was a little over zelous demanding this fight right away. Give Brock a couple of fights, lets see what he can do. Then have Nog run a submission clinic on him. They could play the UFC vs WWE angle.

I hate to say it but Brock is going to go straight to the top and win. Too much for the hvwt right now. It is going to take serious game planning and strategy to be victorious over the Lesnor monster.

Johny-that was weak man, I was expecting someone to chime in with "brock beats him via F5". Even if Nog does get a piledriver he will still tap him out, just like sapp.

nog by armbar. I'll be interested to see what kind of gas Brock has in the tank. If it's not much, his UFC career will be short. Top guys just don't gas out like they used to.

more like Lesnar vs Cro Cop, make it happen

I wonder how much Brock will weigh off cycle.

i feel the void left by randy especially now that brock is in the picture...they need to build brock up with a few smaller names, guys like Mccully....then again, what is brocks contract for, 3-4 fights??

i would have loved to have seen Randy vs Lesnar down the line..

NCAA Heavyweight Champion wrestlers know how to train...he won't gas. He's also working with Sherks crew in Minnesota, and know one has ever accused Sherk of gassing.

Lesnar vs. Assuerio

beerbelly, you may be 100% correct. Brock has spent years as a pro wrestler/pin cushion. That extra muscle and steroid abuse will ruin the most elite athletes stamina.

Match up a guy with a 30-4-1 MMA record against a guy with a 1-0 MMA record? Makes sense to me.

he's in the UFC and he's been calling out people like Sylvia then he's gonna fight much more experienced fighters

Would the State Athletic Commission approve a match with such a disparity in experience?