Nog VS Herring is STUPID

So THIS is how smart Dana is?

This is the best he could do?

Minotauro VS Tim Silvia would have made much better sense.

Agreed...Herring is the last guy I thought they would match up with Nog..:(

Its because MOST of the NEW UFC fans never seen the other 2 fights. Both fights were exciting on the feet and the ground. Guaranteed fireworks for NEW fans

do you think Dana did this fight for the HARDCORE fans??? Do you think Dana is that STUPID??? Do you think most of the NEW fans ever seen Nog vs Herring 1 or 2???

I dont like the match but it makes PERFECT sense. Excitement NO MATTER where the fight goes.

"why are you so sure it's going to be exciting after Herring's last two wretched performances? "

Because Nog is in the fight. Or did you forget that.

Nog isnt going to just lay n Pray like Conan O'Brien. Herring is either going to have to fight or catch a smooth ass whippin'. NO MATTER WHAT, this fight will be ACTION PACKED and EXCITING for the TUF N00BS

"These guys will stand and bang, scramble on the ground, then get back up and bang again. Rinse & repeat. "


It is a crappy fight. Should have been Nog. vs. a can actually so the ufc can build him up. You never know herring could pull out a decision if he can lay the whole match and Nog will have some jitters for sure like all the pride fighters have had as of late coming over.

You would rather see Justin McCully vs Nog ?

STFU !!!!! Cry baby queers

I'd rather see:

Big Nog vs Sylvia & Herring vs Mir

These match ups would be far more interesting for me. Enough with the rematches already...lets see some fresh fights.

This is the single stupidest possible matchup for Nog.

Yes, Nog-Herring I was arguably the greatest HW showdown ever at the time, and both guys gave a great account of themselves. Most of us thought we had just witnessed the two best HW's in the world giving it their all. But Nog won.

And years later he actually finished Herring in their second fight.

A third go-around now with a highly devalued Herring is a no-win situation for Nog. A win does nothing for him (after all, even Jake O'Brien just beat Heath).

But Herring is still a very big, strong, dangerous veteran whose size and experience alone could pose problems for Nog's debut in the cage.

If Nog loses, then there goes another big UFC investment. It would abort all immediate plans for building him up as a top contender.

And if he wins, big fucking deal - his stock doesn't go up at all anyway and you still haven't built him up a bit.

STUPID fight - I agree.

i wonder if dana is just trying to get herring as many losses as possible to
drop him. herring came to the ufc with a credible name and is probably
overpaid. ill bet dana wants him off of his payroll. its too bad, because
herring was the man back in the day.

well, at least a pride guy will win


but it's weird because he invested a lot(I'm guessing) in both fighters

and now one has to lose

I'm sure he's banking on nog to win but it's still weird. he couuld have built heath back up or at least tried