Nogi and Sprawl Shorts - Review

Figured I'd give a review of the two shorts since I just received a pair of each and have worn both a couple of times so far.

I purchased BOTH shorts on MAY 5th.

Nogi arrival 10th = 5 days
Sprawl arrival 15th = 10 days

Black V Flex XT

Nogi Slate ---IT IS A DARK BLUE/NAVY (which I like better)

So many people seem to sway one way or the other on the best between these two. Obviously, some are biased (rightfully so right Westside??)

Sprawl's Pros:
Sprawl's stretchy materiel in the crotch is quite nice. Very comfortable. I will get a lot of use out of these shorts!

Sprawl's Cons:
The hook part of the velcro is the part facing your stomach. It is also flush with the top of the shorts. So it can be annoying and rub/scratch or stomach while bending over or twisting. Not a huge problem...maybe more annoying if your gut hangs over a bit.

Nogi Pros:
Fit Great! It would be more likely to wear these out...besides to train. Back pocket is nice. The hook part faces AWAY from you then folds back over itself. Really secure. There is a small gap of material between the velcro and top of shorts, making any annoyance to the skin with the velco, a non-issue.

Nogi Cons:
Hmmm...none really. I wish they had the Jet shorts in my size in stock during the sale!!

Guys (Gals) : BOTH are really good. You should have a pair of each. I would be very surprised if you were disappointed in EITHER product. Both fit equally secure and are very well rienforced.

***Side note: I had a few questions for Chris/Nogi before I order and he responded to TWO emails less than an HOUR after I email him!!!

I have sprawl and swear by them. I bought them from Mika, is on top of his game and processes orders quickly. I get mine typically in 3 days of ordering, best service I've gotten from all the companies. Although I never had a bad experience yet using MMAWarehouse, FCFighter and Sherdog.Com.

Will Dana allow fighters to wear Nogi apparel?

I agree SPRAWL the best fight shorts on the market!

As much as we'd like to see a huge Sprawl-bashing session. This was a decently un-biased and, seemingly honest review.

Thanks Darth


Now....before anyone comes on here saying Spawl sucks or Nogi sucks...Try the other one first.

It's nice to have people into our stuff but, we'd like to see more "fair" votes.

I love the way the nogi look, If they had the slit in the side seam, I would get them. But I also like to support the people I know, like Mika from MMAWarehouse, and Jeff from Sherdog, Joel from FCF.

I like them both.

Pilot, seems like your really popular with your friends from the internet. Darth, agree that it is cool to wear fight shorts outside - I wear my hunter rash guard to the mall all the time and sometimes see girls checking me out 'cause it looks so badass.

not at all. I do however support those that do good things for the sport and who have long contributed or been a part of the sport. I will only vouch for the 3 I mentioned, as they are the only vendors I use as they have a proven track record of good service and good products. If that makes them internet friends, then I guess that's fine with me.

"I love the way the nogi look, If they had the slit in the side seam, I would get them."

Pilot: The only reason for a slit on the nogi shorts would asthetic. The purpose of the slit is to prevent the shorts from sticking to your thighs and hindering your kicks, this is a non-issue with the nogi shorts (due to the fabric) so there's really no use for it.

what makes the fabric so "breathable" that you don't need the slits? I strike more then I grapple, so I prefer the slits, I hate anything tugging on my thigh or knees.

How are the nogi shorts in terms of sizing i.e What is your pants size compared to the shorts? Are they snug? loose? did you have to go a size up or down?

also, are they velcro and drawstring like Sprawl.

I have some sprawl shorts and the only problem I can think of is that it took over a month to get them from sprawl.

camel, I'm telling your for future reference don't order directly from Sprawl or Fairtex, you can get their products from I ordered a few times from them, I get my shit in 3-4 days everytime.

I've got a pair of those Nogi shorts. I grapple 3 times a week and do a mixed session including striking once and their great for everything.

NoGi shorts......awesome. The slits down the side are not required. Hermes was concerned with the NoGi shorts not having the slit down the side. Chris Brennan asked him to try them out before he decided....and the SLIT IS NOT REQUIRED...Hermes throws those crazy high kicks...and he had no problem with them in his last fight.

sounds good, the nogi are definately better looking for sure.

Check out the white and brown ones. Awesome.

I guess this answers the questions about slit/no slit and the "give" of the fabric: