NoGi shorts

Bought a pair today... never getting any other brand...

I like them better than sprawl. . .

ttt for No-Gi

nogi brazil??

the fabric in NoGi = win

Dunno... ask Curran... he sold them to me

Most people seem to prefer the Brazilian ones (worn by Vitor, Elvis, etc...)

How 'bout a pic or at least a description?


From the old site. USA all the way.

There is an O on the back now though.

If you got them from Jeff you got them from us. Jeff now sells them out of his school and is also a sponsored fighter. If more people really like the Brazilian ones better they must be selling a SHIT LOAD of shorts...

Again there is NO material better than the material our shorts are made of.

plus they are low key. The Brazilian short that Vitor wore say Nogi on them 6 times large. 6 TIMES! A little carried away no?

Thanks for the support DMI

No problem mr brennan... I was debating for a long time... the fabric was the seller =P

Fabric is awesome, it's pretty much the only shorts i own (i mostly own boardshorts) that i can use for kickboxing and not be restricted.

I have the pair Jimmy posted

For the Brazilian no-gi Is it just that people want to wear what BTT is wearing, or do people genuinely like the design?


I beleive that Vitor was what did it. We got a lot of orders when he fought. They asked for the ones he wore. We said we don't have that pair but we have these and everyone but one person said ok i will take those then. I think the look of the shorts is ok but the quality is not so hot.


screw the brazilian shit....ttt for brennan, curran, and something finally made in the USA!