Nog's game needs to be more tight


Nog is a great technician and is always refining his game. However, I tend to notice in most of his fights
he tends to allow a lot of space when going for subs and for his opponent which allows them ability to do some serious GnP. Do you feel he should maybe pace himself more and work the control game and tire some of these guys down more before going for the subs? Work on his take down defense and timing, as well as keeping a lower base especially if he expects to have to defend against a opponent who intends on taking him down? Work his clinch more as well perhaps?

Whats your folks thoughts?


I think Mino just trains BJJ for 10 years.

Of course he has great attributes, the right mind and body to use BJJ in MMA but I think there are many more people out there who are more technical than Mino when it comes to BJJ

El Guapo,

Hey nice reply! Absolutely, i'm not in any shape way or form saying I know more about the ground game than nog or heck even other forum members. Your right gonna have to go for the sub when the space becomes available if possible before you get hit or you lose the space. However, I meant my second sentence "Do you feel he should maybe pace himself more and work the control game and tire some of these guys down more before going for the subs?" is what was curious on your thoughts and the rest of my questions after bud.
Cuz he does seem to allow the space and go for the subs while his opponents are still fairly fresh and have the strength to power out of and or do relentless GnP if they are good at it.


He need to perfect his takedowns. When he gets top position he's almost unstoppable.

"Whats your folks thoughts?"

um, i think that you trying to critique nogs jj is strangely retarded. it all works in the nice little jj schools but if YOU were tired, sweaty, and getting punched at by FEDOR you would wither die or shit your self on PPV at best...these are my thoughts, thanks for asking.


El Guapo,

Very nice post!! Your right, he definitely goes after the subs constantly and being on the mat while pushing hthe action can tire you out.. depending on the cardio. Though with someone like Fedor whom he fought twice and both pretty much the same stuff going on you think he'd need to do something to frustrate Fedor and nnot allow his GnP. Easier said than done I know.

Fletchmonster, when your a student of the martial art game you will analyze all fights and sparing matches your own as well as others. While discussing it with more members who have insight to martials arts as well not only provides interesting conversations but can definitely improve my own self. Which really is all i'm doing with this topic.

Keep the food for thought coming!


Mino has an outstanding clinch game. He handled
Coleman in the clinch, but Fedor just had better
execution, especially in the transition from striking
to clinch/takedown. Fedor just doesn't allow Mino to
get tight on the subs. His timing and distancing for
defense is excellent, so Mino can't get to the
position he wants to. Just an example of a great
fighter being a little ahead of the game of another
great fighter.

there is no tight sub if the opponent reads your intention and escapes when you are 15% into the sub attempt. discussion is great but why discuss the obvious?

He just cant beat one fighter in the world.


Very insightful post, appreciate your time. Coming from someone of your experience its always appreciated and welcome!


Good to see yah respond with good intent. As for the obvious, well its all relative to indiviuals and can always bring out something no one prolly considered.


What should Minotauro do if he wants to beat Fedor?

i would say fight him again, seriously. both guys are so good that one good position can end it. Mino CAN keep top position if he gets there. He should also press harder (into a standup clinch) thats where he looked best against herring and coleman (single-double from clinch).

I think Mino should wear what Royce wears when he fights.

It's not like Mino hasn't worn gi pants before.

its in the pants

Alright! Nice comments coming, thanks much. Seriously helps give me at least some things to consider. I know its tons easier to see something in action and contemplate afterward than it is to be inside doing it with someone who is as good or better than you and try to get your game off.

EddieBravo, I noticed you've been commenting on the pants a bit lately in some threads. Definitely something to consider, hopefully you can tell us how you like it when you compete again. Do you use the pants when you train and no shirt or have you tried it? Looking forward to seeing you in action as well!



hes kidding.

"Do you use the pants when you train?"


Mino's technique is unreal, but I think a lot of his
success from the bottom comes from his phenomenal
grip strength. He's fought some STRONG guys (Herring,
Coleman) and was able to control their arms with ease
from the bottom.

Mino hasn't been able to do that with Fedor, and I think that's been the deciding factor in their fights. Fedor doesn't even give him a second to
secure a grip. He's either punching or pummeling,
and at the first hint of danger he's quickly up or
around and beating his ass from another position.

Maybe Mino would've had more success had he tried
more sweeps instead of the subs and tried to work
from the top, but I think Fedor's just a bad styles
matchup. He will not sit in the guard and play the
grip game or hunker down and launch a passive G-n-P.

And El Guapo was right on with the sub attempts thing.
How many sub attempts did he have against Fedor in the
last fight in comparison with his other fights? Half
Even less? No way he can win the fight with those
kinds of numbers.

Fedor had the right strategy, and Mino didn't adjust.

I do think Mino could beat him, just not from the
bottom. Problem is, once he gets top, he doesn't
mind getting swept because he's so comfortable from
the bottom. He'd have to change that mentality and
try to dominate Fedor on top. And he could sweep
Fedor if he tried more, IMO.

Eddie, I've seen some pics of yah in pants didn't know you trained in them all the time. Abu Dhabi(sp?) gonna do the pants thing then?


I gotta agree, playing and getting to the top was something i mentioned in another thread before the fight went down. Fedor definitely made him play the game he wanted and its been nearly the same the last 3 tfights but Fedor is just becoming better at executing it while nog.. gonna need to do some readjusting in order for him to compete with Fedor.

Still totally respect both of them, awesome fighters and athletes.