Nogs sub= BJJ in crisis

Pulsar, I don't know just passing the time.

Goku A couple knees to the head is nice setup.Also there is a counter for every move.

"if its so bloody effective why isnt it used as much as guillotine, trinagle, armbar, kimura, keylock etc etc? the proof is in the practice...i have a feeling that it would be pretty easy to defend... "

Again that's my point, because most people don't get taught proper BJJ and don't know how todo the move properly so they dismiss it. Nog showed how well it works

Ok, now I see, and agree :).

"who you calling a white belt?"

I think your first post says you're a white belt. If not, sorry, but your premise behind this post is still bogus. Just cuz Renzo shows something in class a doesn't make it "basic". It's like when Mir did that shoulder lock on Pete Williams and one of the announcers said "that's jiu-jitsu 101". My response was "no it fucking isn't".

A top MMA guy not knowing that very reliable choke is very odd.And speaks poorly of whoever has been teaching him.

thought it was pretty wild when i saw this submission because CHARUTO showed it in class just a week before Pride... showed us the defense to it too... ;)

I train at Renzo's, and am fortunate enough to learn from amazing teachers.

However, there isnt a need to brag about going, since there are a ton of reasons why other people cannot go- geographic, demographic (its costly), etc.

I say, just enjoy your training wherever you are.

just relax, jiujitsu101...
that move is very difficult to get no gi against someone who is good.

Yah, that move just had "Basic BJJ" written all over it.

What an ignorant post. Renzo should shove his foot up your ass for using his name in a post like that.


Everyone teaches different 'basics'. Some guys teach things you've never seen as 'basics'. Renzo just teaches different things.

I've seen beginners who pull off 'advanced' moves 'cause it's the first thing they learn.


personally i've had more luck catching people in guillotines with their arm in

Once again, everyone is saying "basic BJJ". That move was an amatuer wrestling roll through. This isn't something that BJJ invented, it's been used in wrestling for years. When I wrestled in high school, we learned it like in the first week. It's a move used to get back points off the front headlock.

I'm not taking anything away from Nogueria. He had to use his skills to modify the hand grip to turn it into an effective choke. The move wouldn't have worked if Nogueria hadn't made it work using his submission skills.

I'm just trying to get everyone on the same page as far as where this move come from. I guess it really doesn't matter, it's all grappling anyway.

You kidding me.

I don't think that people like Royce are watering BJJ down by having students focus on more basic, higher-percentage moves.

fuck this thread.

it was dumb from the get go.

bjj's submissions have been in crisis since the art's "invention" 50 years ago. 

Empire has used a basic move on the correct.

bas called it a top team special- lol! everyone at renzos and cesars dows this choke. Gil Catsillo taught me this one 3 years ago.....

aaron wilson: Mir probably saw Wes fight vs. Conan. Conan had a perfect arm triangle choke applied to wes for probably half the fight yet couldnt put him to sleep or get the tap. I think mir was just using it to wear down sims. Conan gassed himself out trying to get the tap from it.