Nogueira focused on title run, not retirement

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                                Nogueira focused on title run, not retirement

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                    <p>Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, or 'Big Nog' at thirty seven years old has been fighting professional for fourteen years with over forty bouts. At an age when fighters become to comtemplate retirement, Nogueira is focused on one thing, and it's not retirement:</p>

"I'm not quitting yet," Nogueira told USA TODAY Sports and "You guys always want to put me out of the game, but I'm hungry."

"Right now, I'm thinking about each step, especially about this fight," Nogueira, a former interim titleholder, said. "What's Fabricio Werdum thinking? That he's going to have an easy fight? Not at all. I'm going to give my best in this fight.

"I'm thinking about this fight, especially, but if I got a chance to fight for the title, why not?

"I'm good. I'm fast. I've got skills enough to do it. I've been one of the best heavyweights in the world for the past 12 years."

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I wish he would retire after a good victory

He's a beautiful personality, but his pride is getting in the way now. 

He needs to release himself. Guys a legend with nothing left to prove. Phone Post 3.0

:,( Phone Post 3.0

<blockquote>2xAA - he's done</blockquote><br />


hes got some good fights left in him, but no titles

hes had a hell of a career