nogueira's gym in palm beach FL

ok i made this thread thinkin nogueira opened a NEW gym in florida, but he later said in the interview that he is at the ATT now. so i guess im just wondering if he is always training at ATT, or does he go back to BTT to train before his fights? how about rogerio, and the rest of the BTT guys? thanks for any info


Unless I am mistaking I think they are part of the same team.

i was just surprised to hear him say he would be training in ATT quite a bit from now on.. with all the success he has had with his training in brazil. he also mentioned rogerio and anderson silva (if i heard him correctly) training at ATT. i just didnt realize these guys were coming up to ATT and was wondering if they still go back to brazil before their fights. just curious..

Boca, coconut creek, west palm?

Anderson Silva seems unlikely, considering the BTT-Chute box feud. Probably Antonio Silva aka "bigfoot" He is a big mofo and pretty tough.

Minotauro was with ATT, or at least training with many of those guys before he was with BTT. His early fights in WEF for example, took place because he was living and traning in Fl. Also, Anderson Silva left Chute Boxe years ago, and since then has trained extensively with, and received his blackbelt from the Noguiera bros. If they are training at ATT nowadays it stands to reason Anderson could be too.

BTT and ATT are two seperate teams. a lot of the fighter have trained and are friends from back in brazil. Nogueira trained with conan and marcelo when he first came to florida also about the same time that Hermes Franca was training with conan. I dont know if he is trainig in cocounut creek but I'm down south in Miami. Would not be suprised thou they are all tight.