Nolan Dutcher MMA Debut:1/6/07!!

I will be making my professional MMA debut in New Hampshire on Jan. 6, 2007 at Reality Fighting:Vengeance.
Hopefully some people can make it out to show their support.

               Nolan Dutcher

Good luck, dude.

You gonna come out n watch the show??


awesome name IMO

Awesome Nolan...Good Luck

Nolan. Got this made today. Should be going to the printer soon for you:


This fight is going to be awesome. Mike is a tough guy. Can't wait!

nolan is the man goodluck

Thanx guys.
Trust me, nobody is looking forward to this more than me!

nolan by headkick

nolan dutcher vs mac danzig for the baddest name in mma!

trebilcock make it happen

good luck Nolan.. I'll be in NY from Dec 18th to Jan 1st... Sorry I'll miss your fight bro...

Good Luck Nolan, I'll be there

I competed against Nolan about 3 yrs ago in a NAGA grappling tournament. Got skills and seemed like a good guy too!

good luck Nolan!


Jacktrippper- Glad u like my name so much.Im sure youll b seeing lots of it in the future.

Nolan by tattoos.

Allen is fighting on the card as far as i know.
So is big Kevin Coon from Vermont.

Yep, I'm on the card.

I'm actually working on gaining weight as I type this (I'm drinking a large Sprite and eating hot dogs. They're freakin' delicious!).

I stepped on the scale this morning at a svelt 188 lbs. - having to cut just 3 lbs. to make weight is going to be so awesome.

Good luck, Nolan.

Who is Kevin Coon fighting?