I'd certainly enjoy a cup of tea and a nice chat with her. Maybe even a bicycle ride. Phone Post 3.0

Currently Phone Post 3.0

All Day!!

Yes Phone Post 3.0

My penis would disappoint her so bad. Phone Post 3.0

I want nothin' of value. All I wanna know is when she fixin' to make it clap!! Phone Post 3.0


I would take her to Starbucks, chat with her about poetry, then eat that ass like a starving dog tearing through a garbage can. Phone Post 3.0

ManOfThePeepHole - 

All day long, and twice on Thursdays.

BJTT-ComeHonorFace - Absofuckinlutely! Phone Post 3.0
He's correct. Phone Post 3.0

2inchpunisher -
the_b00ts - I would hook my nut sack to a cinder block, do a series of jumping jacks, and then swim across an Olympic pool just to get a glimpse of a turd she laid two days prior. Phone Post 3.0
Wow jack the hog and see if you still feel the same Phone Post 3.0
The 2 inch punisher is wise beyond his years. Phone Post 3.0

How is this even a question? Phone Post 3.0

MOTPH - I wish you were obligated by executive order from Obama to post every day.

Thank you for your service. Phone Post 3.0

This shouldn't even be a question Phone Post 3.0

Name? Phone Post 3.0

Anyone would tire of it.

My wife has a similar ass and I'd much rather have a nice smaller one by now as it has lost its luster.

Although this chick is not my wife.

So I'd want it as strange always wins. Phone Post 3.0

Hell yeah! Phone Post 3.0