non asians into Sakuraba/Gomi/Sudo

Don't forget Gono.

3 of my favorite fighters.

Genki Sudo is my favourite.

And Sakuraba ?
Is there anyone that does NOT like him ? Is that even possible ?
Most threads/posts with people saying he should retire is because people love him, and don't want to see him looking like Ali in a few years.

overEZ- what size is it? color?

sad as i am, i'm enough of a geek fan-boy i might actually shell that out.

what a strange question.

being a fan of those guys has nothing to do with race. They kick ass and are exciting to watch.

I don't get why you would have to be "asian" to like these three fighters.

seriously, who doesn't like Sak and Genki?

That's like not liking beer, chocolate, and blowjobs... being Asian has nothing to do with it.

Imanari, Uno, Sudo, Kondo (hopefully he'll be great at 83kg), Aoki, & Kawajiri

I think Gomi & Kid are just overrated "faces". They're good and all, but don't deserve worship.

I have 3 Saku shirts ... only mma fighter shirts I have actually. Thought he was the man since he armbarred Conan.

Sakuraba Gomi & Sudo are Asians!!?!?!!?!...

I coulda Swore Sakuraba was Canadian...

i.e...We are all one in MMA.

Mongolian chops/flying triangles thread

"I don't get why you would have to be "asian" to like these three fighters. "
I think his thinking is in regards to the trashy american fans that boo and chant USA against many non-American fighters.

This white boy thinks that Genki Sudo is one of the most awesome human beings to walk the earth.

LOL @ trashy for rooting for an American fighter over a non-American fighter.

sakuraba es mi favorito!

i like good fighters. Asian, American.....but never
Canadian! fucking commines!

Can't we all just get along? Genki did say we are all one.

...fakuwaba...ehmm..cough...puts dentures in mouth, lost teeth to inbreeding_


Sakuraba, Sudo!!!

goes back to playing benjo on the porch swing


Im a big fan of Genki Sudo. Prolly my favorite fighter, but not many other fighters from asia.