Non Christian friends, I need help

Actually I should have written non believing, or non theists. I have another forum (blog actually) that I occasionally post on. They have asked a question as to how you react to the church, and how the church can confront sinful behaviour yet be accepting and loving at the same time.

I would like for you to take five minutes to pass on your thoughts if you wouldn't mind. The website is

and the topic is

the emerging church is it good?

If you do not feel like reading through all the posts, which you may or may not be interested, just start with, "I am a friend of the revs, and I believe..."



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Not sure if this is the kind of info you're after but:

Irrespective of the belief system/god(s), How I react to a Church depends on how a church presents itself and how it presents it's faith. I've plenty of time for any church who "put's its money where its prayers are". I may not belive that Churches given system, but I admire the determination and belief that it's members have in themselves. I do draw the line though at 'extremism' of any sort (read - The Crusades, Salem, Spanish Inq, Religious Jihad etc).

As for sinful behaviour, again it's a matter of action over words. If your (and I don't mean you personally) church is against pre-marital sex (for example) then get out there and try to educate about the benefits/virtues of your beliefs. Don't resort to sledgehammer preaching, try to engage the community in debate/discussion.

This is all just my opinion and might not be what you're after.

I'm one of these people who will admit there's more to life than simple black and white (science or faith), but won't submit to any heirachial belief system.

Maybe I'm just a bitter ex-Catholic? :)

rev i'll answer soon, very busy at work today