Non thread worthy Netflix/Doctor Who question

Is it on Netflix? Phone Post 3.0

Yes. The modern series (David Tennant, Matt Smith etc) plus a big chunk of the older stuff.

Is the Eccleston stuff there? VU Phone Post 3.0

maantren - Yes. The modern series (David Tennant, Matt Smith etc) plus a big chunk of the older stuff.
Never mind, I assume the "etc" includes him Phone Post 3.0

Eccleston is only the first season but yes he's there and IMO the best doctor...

Should I watch doctor who? Phone Post 3.0

Yes use Unblock us and try the UK region and i think Canada has some too. Phone Post 3.0

Eccleston is going to be cybermen bait when cappaldi does his Doctor. :D

Doctor Who is awesome!!

Canada has it, and imo one of the best selections right now.

UGCTT_omzzy - Should I watch doctor who? Phone Post 3.0

Definitely man... Eccleston is great and Tenant is pretty damn good too! It loses momentum with Matt Smith but his companions are awesome (especially Karen Gillian).

Tennant is the best Doctor ever. Amazing performances.

I got hooked the ridiculous way. 1st episode I ever saw was the 50th anniversary special. Then bbc America was running mostly Smith episodes cause he was leaving soooo 11 is my favorite. Phone Post 3.0

Caught up on the Tenant era when they(bbc america) started over, but it started with his first episode. Phone Post 3.0


Tenant is absolutely amazing... I did love Eccleston because he seemed tougher and a little more badass. Tenant however, seemed like a super genius and was soooo phenomenal it was hard for anyone to live up to him, I fully believe had Matt Smith not followed him directly he would have been way more appreciated.

I liked Smith, he was good. Not the best no, but good. I think Capaldi will be amazing.

Tennant was the best imo. I grew up watching MCcoy but TEnnant just got it and ramped Phone Post 3.0

The acting up to another level (finger slipped sorry for posting unfinished post) Phone Post 3.0

For a long time Tom Baker (guy with the floppy scarf from the 70s) was the most popular Dr Who by far. Then Tennant eclipsed him. It's such an amazing, multi-dimensional performance. I especially like the way he reacts when he realises his own mortality.

IMO one of the main problems of the Matt Smith run was the writing - without Russell T Davies (showrunner during Eccleston/Tennant), Steven Moffat got way too clever and self-referential. The last couple of Matt Smith seasons are unwatchable for me.