Non-top tier MBA worth it?

I was looking into some local PT b-schools (Santa Clara Univ. & SJSU), is it worth getting an MBA if it's not from a top 10 b-school?

The consensus I've read seems to be don't go unless it is a top 20 or a strong regional school in the region you want to work in.

That logic seems kind of faulty. Based on that only 1% of MBAs are worth anything, and I have trouble believing that's really the case. Obviously the better the school, the better the potential for employment. A lesser school still should equal better than just a BS.


will you learn something from *any* mba program? yes.

will it cost justify itself? maybe.

if career changing or targeting IB/MC work, a top MBA pretty necessary.

if not the case, a lesser MBA can give a better ROI.

"A lesser school still should equal better than just a BS."

Yes, an MBA is always going to be "better" than a BS, but you have to factor in opportunity cost and return on investment. Then, it is generally said only top 20 or strong regional schools are they way to go. Otherwise save the money and work.

I suppose my answer is skewed by the fact that the military will pay for mine so its foolish for me not to go. Of course if I was paying for it, I'd probably not go.

for instance, I was looking at SJSU, and the cost is around $6,000. that's pretty damn cheap, but I'm wondering if it's cheap because it doesn't carry any weight in the work field. the thing that also interests me is that it's a part-time program, and I can continue working full-time while I'm attending classes. i'm just not sure if an MBA from this program will even do anything for me career-wise.