NonChristian supporters of Christ:

in response to Sherm's thread on the persecution of Christians in modern times i deicate this thread to all you nonChristians out there who think Christianity is basically a good thing.

i'll start.

i was raised Catholic, in a pretty strongly religious family. up until the age of 12 or so i honestly believed i would enter the priesthood. if i had understood the concept of Vocation at that age i would have identified myself as one Called to Service.

around the age of 14, as i entered that phase of life where nothing anyone over 25 years old said could possibly be true, that certainty ebbed. by the time i graduated high school i considered myself firmly agnostic.

however, i've never lost the appreciation of what religion means for some people. even if i discount the specific claims of the various world religions, i'm often struck at the value of the lessons they contain at the base. and i still have a deep appreciation for the story of Christ.

so here's to Christianity, and to Christians! i'm one heathen who'll never seek to opress you, or deny you your rights to worship.

so, sound off, Chistian-lovers!

And that is why you'll always have people's respect.

lol@Sherm's persecution thread...All I said was that Christianity is the only religion that's not allowed to have it's own voice. Christians are pesecuted around the world, but not here in America. My thread was that when a Christian trys to give his viewpoint he and the faith himself is verbally attacked, while members of other faiths are not.

yours in Christ


So you are telling me that muslims are not being attacked in USA?

actually yes Donna, if you say something about Islam or Muslims, you are labeled a racist or a biggot by the media.

yours in Christ


I consider myself buddhist, but I do my best to try and understand the meanings of Christ's story and message. I've read the bible cover-to-cover, and re-read books on occassion. I used to teach Sunday school as a teen, too.
I also try the same with Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism, but I'm not as good with them.

Christianity can be a very beautiful religion, and the world is a richer place because of it.

You mean there are many richer preachers because of it :)