None of the podcast personalities use Draftkings..

All UFC 192 bets were cancelled around the start of the main card. Draftkings refunded everyone's money and posted something about how their servers had an error and they have the right to cancel bets due to the agreement you....agree with.

The following weeks, everyone I listen did not bring it up and continued to plug how great draftkings is for MMA. Chael Sonnen, Fighter and The Kid, Co-main event(Chad Dundas & Ben Fowlkes)

If they actually used draftkings for MMA they would have experienced what I went through which was extreme disappointment and would probably mention it on their podcasts, but instead they ignore all the fans commenting on draftkings and continue to use them as a sponsor.
This and the reeboks mess ups, Helwani grilling Yoel Romero about preaching about gays and Jesus a year ago and not asking a single tough question to that Reebok douche have made me lose respect to my favorite sport.

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