NONE of the right wing prophecies came true

  1. donald trump did not win the election.

  2. derek chauvin GUILTY of all three charges.

  3. lockdowns GONE with the two most important states fully open.

there were so many doom’n’gloom right wing paranoid preppers thinking america was going to fall in 2021 and it would be mass riots by this time. In fact, the complete opposite has occurred. the economy is rebounding. businesses are open and thriving. healthcare facilities have recovered. zero riots. in FACT, studies have shown that states that locked down did BETTER than states that remained foolishly open.


I thought you were going to talk about taxes, gas prices and inflation. My bad.


Is this opposite day? Right wing predicted Dems would steal the election through voter fraud, Chauvin had no chance of getting off, and once Dems take office they’ll cancel covid and take credit for defeating it.

Is it hard to be so wrong?


Maybe now OP will do Russian collusion, Kavanaugh HS orgies, suckers and losers “quote”, good people on both sides/ never condemn white supremacy, moving people across from WH for photo op, Jussie Smollet, Nick Sandman, Covid possibly leaking from lab, lock downs impeding herd immunity, HCQ not being deadly, Hunters lap top being real…


let the troll thread die


Lefties do not have the brain power to conceive this, I mean it happened like clockwork and they just will not pull the blinders off. They are fully programmed.


Apropos of nothing, how do I ignore a user with a hidden profile?

Manually in your user preferences. Copy pasta the screen name if you’re a bad speller.


Related question: How does one unhide their profile? I did it out of habit during the forum change without knowing exactly how it works, & can’t find the checkbox for it now.

this motherfucker just makes shit up

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He’s also a Houston cop and second tier MMA ref. I forgot his name though.

Jeff, what’s up man? I thought you had bailed on this account after the Houston UFC card. I used to see you around Paradigm when you were still fighting on the LFC shows. Hope all is well with you.

Go to your profile and click on ‘Preferences’ and then click on ‘Users’. Select ‘Add’ on the ignore list and type his name in manually. Click on his name and voila!


I thought OP gave up this troll account when his real identity was exposed?

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ignored content


Faggots aren’t known to do that.

CA opened months later than everywhere else. Why? Because they’re fucking stupid.

Well …

it was prophecized that the election would be rigged. True.

Biden would try to shut down the oil industry. True.

OP would suck a bunch of dudes off. True.

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I respect the commitment to this trolling after recent events. You just don’t care and that is commendable.


You can go to your ignores list in preferences and search their name.

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