nonlinear periodization

being involved in jiu jitsu means for me that i don't have a definate competitive season or transition period. this is because most of the time i have no idea when my next oppurtunity to compete is until sometimes up to two weeks beforehand. i know that as far as traditional linear periodization is concerned that i should have adequate time in between competitions to prepare my training schedule. unfortunately, this is not possible. in light of this i have started to become increasingly interested in undulating (or nonlinear) periodization were i can alternate the types of training instead of progressively increasing the load until the competitive phase where i woud normally focus exclusively on ME-M.
i do however have a couple questions.
1) is it possible to keep the number of training sessions constant (perhaps twice a week)?
2) since the entire year is perhaps competitive, should i keep the volume of training as low as in the maintanence phase of linear periodization even though such low volume wouldn't necessarily be as effective as cycling the volumes?
3) should the load for MLM be as high as a sport like football where absoulte strength is more important the relative strength or lower (around 70-80% 1RM)
4) what should the order of the training sessions be?
for instance, day 1: MS, day 2: P, day 3: ME-M and repeat (these days would not be consecutive, instead, only two workouts a week).
any info would be greatly appreciated.

I'd chop your post up into paragraphs by editing it.

pick an event toward the end of the year (an important one to you), schedule the events in between that you know you want to compete in (and compete in them) with your goal to peak by the final event.

so your training really won't train, though you will move through the cycles you set up, until the very final event.