Noob to BJJ GI

Hello all, I'm looking at training with gi now. I think that it would be a new area of technical difficulty. But I have no clue as to who, what, where.....

There's Gold weave, single weave (thin), and double weave (thick).

I don't really understand the advantages or disadvantages on it.

Could some of you please enlighten me on this?

Go with gold weave - double is too heavy for me and singles i do not like... Gold weave is best IMO

So is gold weave a comb of single and double?

I like my Atama gold weave. It is a different material to normal Gi's. I think it may actually be some sought of upholstery material. It's very tuff.

Atama Gold Weave is a great durable all-around gi. I like mine.


Gold is just the name of the weave - aka the same Gold weave used on furniture.

A well made single weave, properly cared for etc will last you many years (I had two Torah single weaves that lasted about 2-3 years apiece).

Single vs. Double differences relate to long-term durability and weight.

If you're new to the game, look for a bargin first time around, see whether you like the sport or not, then aquire additional gi's when other specials happen your way. If you stick with the big brand names (that other people in your club are also happy with) you cannot really go wrong. I often liken the process to buying a new pair of runners: not until you try a few brands yourself will you know what's right for you.

If you want a truly awesome gi, go to and order the Hybrid weave. It is the same weave as a Double (lots of strength), but at the weight of a Gold (lots of comfort). Best weave out there, imo.


PimpSmack: That's what my instructor used. I may swing towards Atama.

Dutch Law: Thanks for the great advice. There's a sale right now on Rednose single/summer gi. I may get that. But I'm wondering if i should just start out with Gold weave only because of what I've heard here.

Adam LaClair : Those look like the Machado gi's. I've seen those at grapplers quest, and my buddies seem to like there's as well. But they are all sold out at this time.