Noone knew who Rampage was

When they showed Rampage on the big screens he got no response what so ever. He looked like he was expecting a response and seemed a little surprised at the lack of response.

because those uneducated fans don't know about Pride.

They'll know when he starts slamming some fools.

Once Crocop and Rampage get in the cage there should be a lot of "where the fuck did these guys come from" going around

"because those uneducated fans don't know about Pride."

Unfortunately true.

i was thinking the same thing at the sports bar that i was at....any time they showed chuck everyone was yelling and going crazy....any time they showed rampage no one even seemed to have a clue...probally thought he was some rapper or something.

Yes thats right, you are the MMA omnicient wizard and the arena was obviously full of drooling TUF fans who just drink beer and like, TOTALLY, dont even know that the Gracies started the UFC etc etc etc.

I cant fucking believe how stupid this place is sometimes

My friend thought it was DMX