NorCal Heros NoGI Tournament

The OTM NorCal Hero's Tournament

Saturday, May 26 in Union City

Brought to you by in association with One World Martial Arts

A No Gi Tournament for the Bay Area!

I have literally traveled around the globe to cover submission grappling and as a lifelong resident of the Bay Area I'm proud to say that some of the top talent in the world resides right here at home. Most often to prove it athletes have had to hit the road to compete, when there is an incredible potential for competition right here at home. That's why we're bringing you the first NorCal Hero's Tournament to the Bay Area. We've partnered with our friends at One World Martial Arts to bring to you the first local, affordable Submission Grappling Tournament in the the greater Bay Area. –Gumby OTM Founder

The NorCal Hero's Tournament will feature children's divisions, men and women of all skill levels.

Children 16 and under are welcome to participate, we'll have two skill levels. Children will be bracketed according to size and every child will have at least two matches.

Adults will have three skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

Men's weight classes will work on the basis of MMA bracketing 145, 155, 170, 185, 205, 225 and Over

Women will have two weight divisions Above and Below 135

Weigh Ins will take place at the event all day, or the day before at the OTM Fight Shop or OneWorld Martial Arts.

Tentative Schedule

9:00 AM-11:00 AM Kids
11:00 AM- 1:00 PM Beginners
1:00 PM- 3:00 PM Intermediate
3:00 Advanced

And we'll turn you out in time to watch the UFC!

For more information, e-mail or drop by the OTM Fightshop in San Jose. Pre-registration is just $25! Or $40 day at the door.

Spectators free with canned good donation.

One World Martial Arts features a state of the art facility and 1900 square feet of mat space!
33415 Western Ave, Union City CA

The OTM Fight Shop in San Jose is your one stop shop in the Bay Area for all of your Fighting, Competition and Fashion Needs
1020 The Alameda San Jose, CA


Illegal Techniques (All divisions)
Referee may warn, deduct a point, or outright disqualify at his or her discretion
No slamming (all takedowns except those that impact directly on head ok)
No intentional grabbing of clothes
No small joint manipulation
No Fish hooking
No eye gouging
No neck cranks
No striking of any kind
No heel hooks or twisting knee locks of any kind

Scoring (Control must be established for 3 seconds)
Mount, Back: 4 points
Pass Guard: 3 points
Takedowns, Sweeps (NOT Reversals) 2 Points

4 minute time limits
Only straight ankle locks permitted
No wrist locks
No smother type chokes
No attacking the knee
Referee may stop match on a "catch"

Recommended for 18 months or less of training (white, new blue belts)
5 minute time limits
Only straight ankle locks permitted
No wrist locks
No smother type chokes
No attacking the knee

Recommended for under four years (Blue, new purple belts)
6 minute time limits
Straight Ankle locks, inside toe hold permitted
Wrist locks allowed
No attacking the knee
Smother chokes okay

Recommended for four years and above (purple, aspriring cage fighters)
7 minute time limits
Straight Ankle locks, inside toe hold permitted
Wrist locks allowed
Straight knee bars allowed
Smother chokes okay
All Advanced Finals will take place on center mat with referee and judge and will be included on DVD.

Tap Rule:
If you give any indication to the referee you have submitted including yelling out something unintelligible or in pain, the match will be halted and your opponent will be awarded a submission victory. Moral of the story, don't get caught in a bad situation, and if you do, practice your poker face!

Due to popular demand, we've added online registration:

OTM Norcal Hero Registration

I'll have an informational web page up soon, and I'll include a pre-registration list so you can see the potential for competition in your category.

More information soon!


This came up on short notice. What's the reffing going to be like - does the gym have some experienced referees lined up?

We have space for five matches to go at the same time here (although since we've reduced the amount of categories, I anticipate using only two or three). While the final line up of referees has yet to be determined, they are all local brown and black belts.

any superfights?

Website up

OTM NorCal Heros PreReg