NorCal IBJJF Tournament May 17/18

NorCal folk,

Please take note of this new tournament being offered under the auspices of the IBJJF and Claudio Franca in Los Gatos on May 17/18. Signup so far has been light (per the competitors list updated yesterday), probably due to the absurdly light publicity (virtually none) but it is being run by the same folks (with whom I have no connection) as run the US Opens so I expect a well-run tournament. It is scheduled about 6 months apart from the US Open held nearby in Santa Cruz at the end of each year, so my guess is the goal is to have two IBJJJF sanctioned events each year in NorCal, which is a good thing, especially since Charles and Ralph Gracie did not run a Gracie Invitational in San Francisco in 2007.

Please consider attending. We need more NorCal tournaments!

Timing is very good for those needing a "tune up" between the PanAms and the Worlds....