Norm Macdonald dead at 61

I remember this. bye bye to that sponsor. lol


The thing about Norm that really made him special was his ability to keep his foot on the gas when all evidence said he’s going straight into the wall.
He was a gambler, not just with money, but with everything.
He would just lean into the danger of any given moment. The chaos of it was his drug of choice. He went all in with whatever he did, daring the world to blink first. With his last dollar (went bust 3 times), with his career (“oh, I can’t say that?”), with his personal life. He kept running gags going for decades amongst his friends (who all say you can’t ever actually know him).

His appearances on Conan are great examples.

Fearless and fiercely private.

Right up to the end.



He must have enjoyed fallout.

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Motherfucker I was listening to this sitting in my car with the windows down waiting for my next class when my professor walked by as he said “I go to military funerals and yell faggots”. My prof just looked at me like wtf is wrong with you. Which made me laugh even more.


Norms death teaches us once again a very important lesson:

You do not want to get on OJ Simpson’s bad side.


I didn’t know who Patrice was when he died but this feels like a similar loss for the comedy world.


The consensus among comedians and writers is that Norm is genuinely one of the funniest people ever. His humor mixed amazing deadpan timing with a very well read intellect and wit that was second to none.


He was every comics favorite comic.

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Don’t worry about Norm, he was wise and humble enough to accept the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His dying wish was that you all repent your sins and ask the Lord to save you too.

Rest in Peace Norm McDonald, may the Lord bless you.


I’ve been laughing all day at Seth Myers story about Norm walking in with his son for a return to SNL appearance:

“Hey Norm, how’s fatherhood treating you?”

“It’s been great! No abductions yet”


Didn’t know he had one. I’ll check it out.

I totally read that in Norm’s voice


Absolutely epic. Man, hearing how he was behind the scenes makes him even awesomer.

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Thanks very interesting observation.

May help explain (or he was just laughing at me) why he got a real kick out of when I told him that I have to channel characters from TV shows to not get fired at work meetings or corporate gatherings. I mentioned that in BS meetings I often caught heat for not playing the game. That at the meeting I just came from prior to the meeting I watched GUS from Breaking Bad and how he pretended /played the long game.

Norm got a real kick out of that and talked about BS at organizations etc but then we lead into a conversation about Better Call Saul.

Again I did not realize it was him at the time, but in hindsight neat to see the stuff he found funny.


10 days after the crocodile hunter died he was on john stewart talking about it
it’s hard not to laugh and Stewart was begging him to stop, one of his funniest pieces

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Apparently he had cancer as a kid too.


You made Norm MacDonald laugh? I am insanely jealous of this story.