Nortel Switches? WTF?

What the hell is going on with this? I've had about 5 different tech recruiters tell me that if I had experience in Nortel switches I'd be in high demand.

Did I fall sleep and wake up and Cisco fell off the map?

 No - probably one large corporation in the area that still uses them utilizing several companies in the area for head hunting.

I used to get 4 different headhunters for the same job.

Road Warrior: Ah, thanks... Seems that Nortel puts out a lot of VoIP hardware.

Their switches sucked ass at the beginning of the decade (nortel/bay networks), and they got crushed by cisco. I didn't know thy still made switches. Thy never lost clout in the telecom field and have made a resurgence in the voip market. The recruiter might have been mentioning a phone switch.

you should tell those recruiters to suck a cock. tell them to keep your number cause in a couple months, they'll be looking for work.

Thanks everyone, yeah seems they are talking more about voip hardware.

NORTEL rocks man. We use it for all of our telecom switches (DMS-100), our cell sites, and our EVDO stuff.

We can't wait to get away from our Nortel gear. Our Option 81s & 11s aren't near as stable as one would think a carrier-class PBX would be. We tried out their VOIP product, but Cisco's has a way better solution.

Oh, and on a side note, I'm about to upgrade our super-ring to 10-gig with Cisco gear for the cost of ONE YEAR MAINTENANCE on our existing four Nortel Optical 5200s.

Nortel is garbage.