North Bay Ontario

I know I made a thread similar to this under wrestling but I didn't get much responses (thanks for the person who did). I am hoping for someone to direct me towards a person who could teach me sub wrestling. I spent the last year laerning a style known as goshin jutsu (a crappy combonation of judo and aikido to the duo system) a freind from korea (black belt in judo) showed me how flawed my grappling was and I would really like to learn some for of grappling along with my buddy teaching me some judo. Please direct me towards a place that teaches sub wrestling or even normal graeco roman or free style...Anyways thanks in advance.

in North Bay I think there is a place called Tsunami Martial Arts ,they have a open mat on Monday nights for sub-grappling.

Unfortunatly Tsunami close about 2 years ago. D you know any of the instructors names?

we changed the open nights to Sunday at 7. Feel free to come check it out.
Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I have no clue what goshin jitsu is.

If you wanna do a little driving once and a while, you could come check out the NOCC here in Chelmsford, just outside of Sudbury.

If I was living in northern Ontario, I would call my club NOGI (Nothern Ontario Grappling Institute)
but since I'm in southern Ontario and not into the cloth SOGI just doen't seem right ;-)