North East Grapplers read this

The Association of Grappling Competitors has cancelled our March show, March Mania, do to scheduling issues. Although we were hoping for an 8 tournament season, and we are now poised for a 6 tournament season, we are happy to announce that our next show AGC: Easter Bowl, will be on Saturday April 7th 2007 at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury MA. This show/date has now been confirmed with the venue, as has our June show AGC: Spring Championships, which will also be held in Sudbury MA, at our regular venue of LSRHS.

In addition to the features we offer at our events, as seen at, we are proud to announce our new fighter registration rates for children. Any fighter under the age of 13 is now charged 45.00 rather than 65.00, to fight. The usual rate of 65.00 applies to all adult fighters, and comes with our coveted four fight guarantee. For any information, questions, or requests, please contact the AGC's President, Jason Hammel, at

Please keep watching the AGC's Website for more exciting announcements.

Warm Regards,
President of the Association of Grappling Competitors
Jason Hammel

PS. Congrats to our number 1 ranked Dan Simmler on opening his new school.