North Korean defector Ivy league student: My schools anti-American propaganda is similar to North Korea VID

She defected from North Korea, crossed a desert and was sold into sex slavery. Finally escaped to America and can’t believe the anti-American rhetoric at her university. She says “every professor I have says all of the problems in this world are because of white men and they should be blamed for it.”


She did a long interview with Jordan Peterson. It was interesting and yeah, our universities are totally lost… she also had an interesting story about the hospitals in Korea. The dead people would be put in a certain area and they’d start piling up real fast and the rats would start eating parts of the bodies. Then hungry kids would catch the rats and eat them… growing up she’d get so hungry she’s walk outside catch dragonflies and grasshoppers and eat them

Every single person who comes here from real communist/socialist country is immediately shocked and disgusted by the American left.


People here don’t seem to realize that the people running things now would be running things under a communist regime too, except with fewer checks on power. They’re interested in power, not -isms (sans feudalisms) or principles, and they’ll ride whatever wave gets them there.

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I was just watching a bit of Jordan Peterson talk with that NYT/WallStreet Journal Gal and this was brought up and it seems the state of politics in USA that each side wants to cancel the other

we may well be witnessing the beginning of MAXIMUM EXTREMISM levels between the two opposing extremes of the Left/Right paradigm

She is super cute and the way she says American bastards gives me a patriotic boner. I want her to yell it at me while I go in dry.


Wait until this younger generation of kids grows up. They have been brainwashed with more extremist leftist propaganda than anyone. We are going to hit nuclear levels of anti-American hatred.

I’m sure the usual suspects will be curiously missing from this thread…