North Korean hacks/Obama weenies out?

I haven't seen much public messaging about the hacking of Sony by the North Koreans. it seems to be a aggressive action against the U.S. yet I haven't heard Obama say much of anything.

you all think Obama is a weenie or something? is he right to just lay back and let Sony handle it.

I'm convinced that world leaders need to be more of the wild cowboy type of leader like Bush was so I'm wondering how you all think of Obama and his approach to North Korea and the hacking. Phone Post 3.0


well....I'm not much an Obama fan but he spoke on it the other day and I gotta agree with him.

Obama: Sony Should Not Have Pulled 'The Interview'

In a press conference today President Obama criticized Sony for pulling The Interview from theaters. The movie was supposed to be released on Christmas but in light of threats from hackers and movie theater owners opting not to show the movie, Sony decided not to release the film.

Today the FBI said that North Korea (the target of the movie’s satire) is most likely behind the attack raising the hack to an international incident. Obama said that before Sony decided to pull the film, the studio should have consulted with the White House.

“We can’t have a society where some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship in the United States,” said Obama. If they hacked Sony over a silly movie, “imagine what they will do when they see a documentary they don’t like, or a news report.”

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