Northern NY, need info

hey, i'll be in Ogdensburg, NY from 12-22 to 12-29. I would like to get some training in or visit a school nearby (1hr. tops). Ogdensburg is 1hr. north of Watertown, NY, and is right on the Canadian border. Please give me info if you have it and i would like to stop by.

if you want to be discrete my email is:

Ogdensburg is right across the St.Lawrence from
Kingston. There are a couple of clubs there.

bet. it's 1hr from some Canada's best place. looks like a nice facility. anybody know if they welcome visitors?

Mike Sweeny's Canada's Best Karate location is in Kingston. They have grappling and stand up. But I believe they are shutting down for the holidays.

There is also Rob Tallack's school. I don't know their schedule but they also have grappling and stand up.

Mike Martell runs the Grizzly Gym doing primarily Muay Thai but He will be out of town for the holidays as well.

There must be others but I don't live there so my knowledge is limited.

Kostas: You have mail. Sled Dog is correct. We will be closed
during that time period.


My geography sucks, but aside from Joslin in Hamilton and Mike in Kingston, and all the folks in TO, there is Roy Harris Brown Belt Kyle Saunders in Rochester, NY.

Hamilton. let me do a mapquest on that.

rochester is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of the way.

rochester is so far over the line, the line looks like a dot. lol.

thanks guys.

Hamilton should be just past Niagra. There's also BJJ in Niagra, I think. Ze Mario Esfia (sp?), an Aliance BB.

hey Kostas. Hamilton is farther away. Check this out:

They have a club in Syracuse.


Gladiator Grappling is also in Kingston. The site
mentioned above by Mike (Syracuse) is run by Rob
Wynne's instructor i believe. Rob is the owner of Gladiator Grappling.


Hey Kostas, I happen to live in watertown, but I'm in the iraq right now. if your there and need a place to train when I'm there ever just get ahold of me here., and the Tai Kai guy, hey How much are classes, and does Jordan still train down there?

thanks for the info guys..... but anything over an hour of driving is too far. i'm already driving 4 hrs. to ogdensburg. i hate north country, NOTHING to do, but it's a sacrifice for the woman.

ghille, no problem. i visit Ogdensburg about 4 times a year. i'm down to roll and trade info if i'm ever out that way and you're not in iraq ;)


everytime someone posts they want to train somewhere someone posts go to Joslins

Joslins is great but its not in Northern NY nor is it in the GTA.

Kosta, it's a fairly good-sized dot.

- Kyle

if it's over 1hr. or a bit more from Ogdensburg, don't bother. it's not like i want to drive from albany to ogdensburg to begin w/. then to travel more to grapple in Canada is obsurd. i'd do it for an hour drive. i also find it funny when people give props to their school even if it defeats the purpose of the thread.

like somebody saying, "ANY SCHOOLS IN ALBANY,NY?" and me saying, "Go to Renzo's in NYC. it's 3.5hrs. away and GREAT!!!".