Norway Bow Killer Identified - Muslim Convert (Not Arab) Warned Police In Video

In 2017, he posted a vid on FbB which was flagged with police saying:

“Hello. I’m a messenger. I come with a warning. Is this really what you want? And for all who want to make up for themselves, so it’s time. Bear witness that I am a Muslim.”

Neighbors claim they had observed Mr Bråthen, who reportedly engaged in a “brutal fighting style” of martial arts, training with weapons in his garden.

“Witnesses saw lifeless people, heard intense howls and screams and saw people running for their lives in the streets,”

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Shocked by his religion.

Also, ban bow & arrows, right?

Well they have temporarily let their cops carry guns again


Meanwhile the actual people being killed are defenseless.

Of course he joined the noble religion of peace, of fucking course.

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You can strip away the guns and other weapons all you want, as we’ve seen over and over again if the bad guys want to kill they will find a way to do it. At a certain point you are just disarming the good people who will actually follow the law.


ban high-capacity quivers.

Nobody says ethnicity of peace… It’s religion of peace…

Some infesting info here:

Max prison sentence is 21 yrs (that’s what the dude who killed 70+ people got - with a min of 10)

Are the major MSM outlets still referring to him as a “right wing extremist”?

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