NOS4RA2 - Season 2

Season 2 starts tomorrow night on AMC. Season 1 wasn't bad, so worth checking out me thinks.

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Ok I need to finish this now. About half way through

I really enjoyed the first. Didn't even know about a second!


Thanks for the heads up 

Tonight on AMC

Read the book a while back and loved it. 

Attempted to watch the show, got through 3 episodes and tapped out. Shit was a mess and so far removed from the book that it was a real kick in the nuts to the source material. 

Watched the first episode of Season, what a shitshow.

Season 1 wasn't all that great, but barely watchable. Season 2 throws in a bunch of SJW stuff and makes it unwatchable. I'm tapping out but my wife still wants to watch next week, so I might have to watch episode 2.

THANKS 4 the heads up


Second episode was awesome...probably because it only dealt with Charlie Manx and his early life and the Exterminator guy. Luckily no New England chick, her bizzarely cast husband and her kid.

What's worse is that it shows the next episode is centered around her and her returning dad and their horrible New England accents.

I'd tap out, but the wife still wants to watch it, so I guess I'm still in.

Season started out a bit weak but is kind of picking up a bit. Backstory on Charlie Manx is pretty good...other stuff..not so much.