NoShame...War hero!!

Tomorrow, long time friend and forum member Jerry Roeder, aka NoShame, is being awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic actions during the Iraq war. 1st. Lt. Roeder's award includes the "V" device, identifing the award resulted from an act of combat heroism or "VALOR". Thanks Jerry, I salute you.

W. Hendricks
Pancrase USA

american legion post or veterens of foreign wars,call your local post those old guys would love to tell stories about ww2

Congrats NoShame!

Awesome!!! Congrats, and thanks.

Congrats and thank you!!!

tt mf'ng t... thanks brother!

Sincerest congratulations and deepest thanks!!!

all my respect. congrats, and wear it with pride.

Thank you for your distiguished service.

Congrats NoShame.

Congrats and thanks, no shame!!!!

congrats and thank you!

Thanks for serving, NoShame - and congrats!!


Big salute and thanks to NoShame.

Congratulations NoShame, and thank you.


No Shame is a serious pimp! This guy is one tough bastard (I have had the pleasure of being beaten up by Jerry on the mats a few times) he took time out to work with me on the mats when I was just a guy who barely knew a shrimp crawl from a breakfall he is a really good guy. Very glad to hear this news! Thank you for serving our country and please come on to post more often, you are missed around here.

You can read some of Noshame's awsome wrestling instructional posts at Stickgrappler's sight.



Bronze star? Congratulations. I really hope he deserved it.

congrats and thxs