NoShame...War hero!!

Congrats and Thank You!

congrats noshame


What's that supposed to mean? They don't exactly hand those things out for helping an old lady cross the street you know. I'm SURE he deserved it and I'd be honored to meet the man and hear what happened from the horses mouth.

I didn't mean to hijack the thread, but that seemed like a left handed compliment. Good luck Mr. Roeder, and we're all hoping for a quick and healthy return for you and the rest of our troops.


ttt... stay safe


Thanks to all. Will asked me for some pics and details and he'll have them shortly (as soon as I figure out where the hell my wife put the dig camera!!!).

For all concerned, I'm am back stateside (been back since September) and will be here for a while. My thoughts are always with the guys who are still there. Hope they're working hard and staying safe.

EbolaMonkey, I understand your concern. After all, Jessica Lynch received a similar award (No V on hers that I know of) largely for nothing of her own doing (her words, not mine). I'll give you a few details and you can decide.

I and one of my corporals swam across the Diyala River (Eastern border of Baghdad) into Baghdad to conduct an amphibious vehicle crossing point reconnaissance.

We were the first two Marines in Baghdad. Te recon paid off and we crossed several battalions at the site. And thankfully, I still get to sit here and tell you about it.

The corporal also received the Bronze Star with V. I don't want to toot my horn, but you're right, the awards process should be very fair and should preserve the sanctity of the awards. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.

Thanks again.

no shame

The Horse has spoken ;-) Glad to have you back in the States alive and well. Good luck with everything in your future and thanks for the recollection of what you went through.


Schweet!! go parlay that award into private sector riches beyond your wildest dreams once you're out.

I am disappointed , though, that you didn't win the star for confronting a shovel wielding unfriendly.

mike blak an No Shame,

"What's that supposed to mean? They don't exactly hand those things out for helping an old lady cross the street you know."

Actually they do. I've seen it happen. No less than 9 officiers in my unit alone earned that very same medal - the circumstances in which they achieved them are HIGHLY scrupulous. I won't detail.

My congratulations No Shame, that sounds like quite the operation. Please, pardon my scepticism but right now medals are about as important to me as belts.

Ebola in Baghdad.

dang... post some stories for us!

would you put your mailing address on here? ill send over some "aftershave".

congratulations sir!

Im impressed and thankful


Checkout NoShame's story at

Congradulations and thank you for your service!!!



Semper Fi NoShame.

Robert Ferguson


Yes, we did see enemy, and thankfully, didn't have to confront them as there were only two of us over there and we were only armed with pistols.

There were shots fired on the way back. No idea where they were impacting; I just kept my head down and swam faster.

Thank you Noshame for doing your duty in an honorable and heroic manner.



A rifle would have been nice, although a bit heavy for this swim. Yes, we train to swim with rifles, but the current was a bitch. Even if I had a rifle, I wouldn't have shot on the enemy side as two Marines are hardly an offensive force.

I appreciate your input (although sarcastic and backhanded).

no shame

P.S. There is no such thing as the "Congressional Medal of Honor" dumbass. It is simply the "Medal of Honor" and this action was hardly fitting of the award.