Not a good sign? (Preacher on AMC)


Seth Rogen probably isn’t the first name fans thought of when considering who could adapt Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher. Nevertheless, Rogen and longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg are behind the latest effort to bring the acclaimed Vertigo title to the screen, this time as an AMC television series.

In an interview with Slash Film, Rogen provided an update on the status of Preacher, including news that the adaptation will take some departures from the source material.

Me and Evan are writing it right now with the help of Sam Catlin, and we’ve come up with a lot of incredibly crazy ideas,” he said. “It’s a fun thing to riff on and talk about. We’re definitely trying to expand on some of the ideas in the comic and make it that … we love most of the main cornerstones of the comic but we’re trying to make it that even if you’ve read the comic you should not know exactly what to expect from the TV show.

Rogen’s approach sounds similar to how AMC’s current flagship comic adaptation, The Walking Dead, is handled. While that series takes cues and familiar story beats from the comics, by and large, it’s a very different beast. Perhaps Preacher the show will hew closer to Preacher the comics than the Walking Dead formula, but it’s something to bear in mind.

If anyone thinks Preacher should be adapted literally scene-for-scene, they are either Arseface-stupid, T.C-Stupid, or crippled-"wub"-guy-crawling-around-in-a-cave-stupid.

seth rogen.... well this is going to suck.

I pointed out in another thread that this is doomed to fail if it's not on HBO or Showtime - and that quote from Rogen sealed its fate.

Well... fuck Phone Post 3.0

I could see preacher with a breaking bad vibe, building to more over the top violence but with a basis in reality.
Of course there's be cassidy and the saint of killers, but it always felt more based in reality than most books, just with a twist. Phone Post

I'm always wary when creatives who are adapting a property start coming up with lots of 'really really awesome' ideas of their own. Very often this leads down a dark and silly road.

Obviously you don't adapt something slavishly, but it's so important to keep the overall vision/essence in mind. I think the Game of Thrones producers for instance have done a superb job of translating the books to TV. And they've done it without turning Tyrion into a giant or bringing back Ned Stark or any other 'awesome' ideas.

seth rogen seems like a good person, but I have seen his movies. He does not have really awesome ideas, ever.

"Preacher would make True Detective look like the Teletubbies."

Teletubbies is less juvenile than Preacher is.