Not a Jones fan at all but

Everyone saying Cormier, texiera, etc would kill Jones is way off. Gus did well because of footwork, handspeed and of course reach. I was excited during the fight to see Gus almost pull it off, but come on.. some of you guys are grasping at straws. Phone Post

Agreed. I used to be a huge Jones fan after the Bonnar fight.

But then later down the road, after the Rashad fight. I started disliking him. I love him as a fighter but not as a person.

Alexander proved that he really isn't this amazing untouchable god if you're his same size, problem is noone besides Gus matches for him at LHW.

I mean a fights a fight. And anyone can win on any given day. But I give the highest percentages to Gus.

Cormier might be able to bully him around in the clinch. But he'd get picked apart from the outside way before he got that close.

And I love Glover and all but I don't give him much of a chance unless he can hit Jones 1 good time.

Jones = GOAT LHW.

One day he might even be the GOAT.

But Fedor and Anderson are still leaps and bounds ahead Phone Post

Bones is gonna be champ for a while.

Crazy how someone's popularity can influence so many opinions. Phone Post

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - 

Crazy how someone's popularity can influence so many opinions. Phone Post

agreed - i gotta tell you, i got real with myself and realized i am a jones hater. i am ALWAYS pulling for the upset (then again, i am usually pulling for the underdog regardless). but, these guys saying "so and so will kill jones" because he had a tough fight with gus are ridiculous.
gus is a special fighter, and only has 2 losses on his record ever. one of which is a loss against a guy in the p4p talks. He just so happened to lose a RAZOR close decision and sent that man to the er. I think if anything, it's disrespectful to Gus to start saying "oh if gus did that, insert potential challenger here will kill him!!"