Not a teenager anymore.

Weird. Now I can say I'm in my 20s.

 I was hoping this would be a Kyra Gracie thread.

 happy birthday!

i was hoping this would a coming of age girl-meets-girl-while-rolling story


Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!

 oh once again - HAPPY HAPPY!!!

mama - wait till your 30's - it gets even freakier..


 happy birthday.


 Happy Birthday Champ!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

 happy birthday :)

 Happy Birthday

Proof I'm real. Pink, obviously. 

You are so old. It seems like just yesterday you were like 14.

"Proof I'm real. Pink, obviously."

Nice try. That's clearly Matt Hamilton clowning some dude in BJJ.

But happy birthday anyway!

So Can I tap you now?