Not cool to delete HolyGround

There was some really good stuff on here. I hope it's salvageable.

no joke


Act of God?

It's at times like these being a Zen Buddhist seems the best option.



Man, just when I had posted conclusive proof for the existence of God, this happens!

Well that is a shame, maybe we can agree to make the forum better than it was, more positive posts, more encouragement. More suggested readings, more praise reports.


the rev

This is what I get for writing a HUGE, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE CHANGING retrospect of my conversation with William Lane Craig last night! :(

(of course, I am kidding)

This was not cool. Apparently someone spammed fightsport and this likely occured as a revenge attack. But here on the Holyground? That is not cool at all.



Maybe it was you who spammed fightsport...

I wouldn't expect special treatment, even if it could be accomplished. Plus we don't know for sure who did this, I am sad we lost some very good posts, but all things happen for a reason. Let's learn from our mistakes, encourage our victories and make the place better than it was before.

And I don't mean to alienate anyone with those statements, especially those who don't have a faith background. All of us have learned to be a bit nicer, a little less arrogant, and have become friends. I am proud of the whole lot of you.

the rev

All things happen for a reason. I gotta remember that.