Not hiring most skilled because he’s prob racist

Tattoos aren’t forever. It looks like shit, but they can be removed.

Completely agree, but I don’t think we’re to that point yet. If the libtards have their way, it will be sooner though.

Fuck that guy. Poor judgment. Will be disruptive. There are lots of people probably looking for work that don’t come with shitty baggage.

This, but but jail, but but, maybe he changed shit is laughable. There are lots of ways to cover, remove, hide tattoos. He obviously did none of that.

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Your boss is retarded for considering him. Hes gonna be out there representing the company with that shit on both his hands. You can’t always have gloves on.

Turns out, boss man didn’t realize what I was talking about and thought I was joking about what the tattoos meant. I pulled up the images online and he was shocked with the meanings haha…my boss is an autistic programming and automation wizard who is extremely naive. I’m basically the bridge between white and blue collar and handle all the interpersonal stuff…as he is literally disabled in that area. We won’t be hiring the nazi haha

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Good decision.

Even if it was in his past and he plans to get them removed, he’s an idiot for not putting a bandage on them during the interview process.

So he’s either an idiot or a racist. You don’t want either one as an employee/ Team member.


Should have hired him and had a thread here to document his progress.

You screwed up bro


Not everyone is as clever as you sir.

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Except they’re not. They’re easy to cover up. Plenty of charities and artists doing pro Bono coverup work and laser therapy for racist tattoos. If you have them and haven’t done anything about it you want people to see them.

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@HillboFrateTrane So are you getting your Antifa and BLM tattoos removed soon?

I’m glad all I got was a BLM trampstamp…sometimes you have to think ahead


lol my post was directed at the libtard HBFT

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Lol I know…I was just sharing my experience


I’m not a primitive so I don’t adorn my body with markings or trinkets.


Good call OP. It’s bad optics and disrespectful to your loyal employees who are BIPOC.

Fuck…I see the same thing in California. I work for a state agency and the level of foreign born incompetence is huge especially in the urban areas and yet they rise up the ranks because there’s no one else to promote. I’m glad I’m almost done.


Has any consideration at all been put into how the people who already work there will react?

I’m trying to imagine coming into work on Monday morning “Hey, Jamal and Felipe, this is your new trainee for next few weeks, Adolf. Now, don’t mind the tattoos…. He had an asshole uncle he looked up to as a kid and just ran with it… he said he actually loves spics and jigaboos, I think you’ll get along swell.


The guy you train with is a racist piece of shit who happens to be nice to you.

Yeah I think by far that’s the biggest issue. It’s not fair to existing staff who would rightfully be upset (maybe even scared?) by it.