not looking forward to 2018.....

for some reason I have this sense that 2018 will be a bad year for me I cant help but think that my family will lose someone in 2018.

The smart money would be on my mother in law, she recently had a mini stroke she is 83 starting to lose her memory and such. Not normally a pessimistic sort of person but for some reason this year does not excite me.

hopefully I will come back here next Dec 31 and be able to say I was wrong.

So far two friends of mine have lost a parent one a mother the other a father.
Forum member David Jacobs just passed away.

I'm telling you I have had this feeling for over a month that 2018 was going to be a dark year in terms of loss.

I have an alcoholic uncle who is dying, the doctors told us he has maybe 4-6 months if he doesn't drink. We finally got him to go to rehab but they sent him to the hospital to detox and that's when we found out it was to late.

Maybe you won't lose anyone OP, maybe you will... either way there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Oh I know that what happens is just part of the natural flow of life and I am not stressing about it I guess I only made this thread because when it happens if it happens and I tell someone I knew it was going to haplen I can prove it when they say bullshit.

 sorry to hear. This is supposed to be my year after six hard years because of Jupiter and when I was born and some other shit.