Not looking forward to Jon Jones wrecking Machida!

I am glad for once in the last few years a UFC Champion actually does what he's supposed to do and fights 3 times in a fucking year.

Not only can I not remember the last time a UFC Champion fought 3 times in a year since Anderson Silva in 2007, but when was the last time a UFC Champion fought 4 times in a year?

Unprecedented. Jon Jones will be fighting for the 4th time in this year alone on today, and this will be his 2nd successful title defense the this time. He has fought a contender's bout, won the title, and defended the fucking thing all in 10 months already.

This being said, props and much accolades to Jone Jones, but I am more of a Machida fan. I am not looking forward to Jon Jones slow and steady wrestlerapery of Lyoto Machida nor am I looking forward to Machida's face getting split open by Jonny Bones' Blazin Hellbows like Gallagher smashing Watermelons with his infamous mallet. No siree Bob, I am not looking forward at all at Jon Jones toying with Machida and only standing with him on his terms and smashing the young Karateka wherever the fight goes.

Jon Jones by decisive 3rd round TKO in brutal Bones Jones fashion.


You're FIRED!

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